Crazy Woman Health

Welcome to Crazy Woman Health Care.

Painting of Crazy Woman Canyon by Jenny Wuerker

Notice: Starting Feb. 1, 2015 rates will be changing. On and after that date a 20 minute appointment will be $60 and a 40 minute appointment will be $120.

I am honored that you have chosen to seek care with Crazy Woman Health Care (CWHC). CWHC is an innovative medical office that offers a unique response to today’s healthcare environment. Read on and see if you don’t like the creative, insightful and affordable components of the CWHC practice.

Crazy Woman Health Care is a “direct pay” practice. This means that your physician, Dr. Grace Gosar, is working for and will be paid directly by you. Clients are expected to take on a bit more of responsibility at CWHC. Should you be willing to schedule your appointments “online” and file your bill with your medical insurance, you can expect the cost to be about one-half the usual and customary charges as compared to any other medical practice in this region. The cost for care, and the time spent, is predictable and without “hidden” additional charges.

An outgrowth of a “direct pay” practice is that it will be a challenging fit for some clients. Anyone (no matter their payment source or health care coverage) is welcome to receive care here. However, while Dr. Gosar can issue an ICD 9 coded invoice, filing your insurance or Medicare claim will be your responsibility. This will require your time and patience.

Many have grown accustomed to the “one sided” nature of contemporary medical care. Many have just grown frustrated. Some do not want to divulge, to the doctor’s office staff, why they need to see the doctor. “Will enough time be budgeted? How much will it cost?” are rational questions that are unknowable in today’s traditional medical system. At Crazy Woman Health Care we put these decisions in your hands. With your smart phone or computer, you will schedule the amount of time your problem will require. The website will offer suggestions as to how much time might be necessary. You will be charged directly for the time spent with the physician. If your problem is small, you will schedule for a shorter appointment and you will be charged, appropriately, a smaller amount. If you need more time, you determine this. Each twenty (20) minutes of Dr. Gosar’s time will cost fifty ($50) dollars. You can anticipate, up front, how much care you need and what you can afford. Additionally, bartering for goods or service will be entertained as a payment option.

An “innovation” of 21st century is the electronic medical record (EMR). At Crazy Woman Health Care we have a good deal of skepticism and ambivalence about computerized health records. We understand that the laptop computer may be an “unwelcome guest” at your visit. The current notion of “technology for technology sake” has not been questioned sufficiently in our view. Undeniably, the EMR has added to the cost of already pricey medical care. True, with EMR, your health records can be electronically shared with another medical consultant at light speed. The same lightning quick delivery of data about you to another physician can be effortlessly compromised and shared with individual(s) who care nothing about you and your health. For these reasons we strive to use technology in a wise and discerning manner. Should you want your office visits detailed on paper, using the computer as a word processor only, we will accommodate this. Should you want to carry your health record on a portable digital storage medium (e.g. CD, thumb drive), we will share the doctor’s notes in this format also. The computer and “smartphone” may assist in scheduling your appointment but will be used in such a fashion that your privacy is not compromised. We understand that chiseling medical notes on stone tablets may not be the best way to document your medical care. And “the cloud”, as ethereal as it sounds, may not be either.